This beautiful, small, and exclusive RV Park  (only 3 RV camp spaces) is up in beautiful Bullion Canyon near Marysvale Utah and Big Rock Candy Mountain near the Paiute Trail. Many guests claim this is the best RV park in Marysvale Utah. This camp is in a beautiful canyon by Pine Creek with a forest and meadow as part of the retreat.  It is very quiet with no Hiway 89 truck noise and very few mosquitos.  You have full access to the playground  as well as the creek area.  There is ample room to roam the meadow and forest trails on the private retreat property.  The RV lots are situated safely away from the big trees so dead limbs and debris can’t fall on the vehicles. In addition to the playground there is a horseshoe throwing area equipped with horseshoes.  The two pull-through lots are very easy to park for large rigs. These two lots can handle any size rig with any combination of trucks, RVs, buses, and/or utility trailers you can come up with. Just pull in forwards with your additional utility trailers left attached. To leave you can either pull forward and drive out or a very easy back out turn and and then drive out. These pull-thru lots feature 20 amp, 30 amp, and 50 amp power.


The third RV lot is a “back into” lot that will accomodate a trailer up to 27’ or  a motorhome up to 35 ft. or so. It has full hookup with 20 or 30 amp power. There is a lot of extra room for turning around, etc. for each lot.  You can legally ride right out of camp on your ATV to access the Paiute Trail complex or go to Marysvale (2.5 miles) for shopping, gas, or restaurants. Our biggest problem is finding a spot in our reservation calendar on short notice so it is best to reserve as far in advance as possible as we have many returning customers.


Bullion Creekside Retreat is more like camping in the mountains rather than the typical RV camping in a parking lot. The Bullion Canyon is undoubtedly the most beautiful area in Marysvale with direct legal ATV, UTV, and motorcycle access to the famous Paiute Trail and it side-trails in all directions as well as stores, service station, and restaurants. The addition of the new RV camping lots enhances the Bullion Creekside Retreat to accommodate groups that have the need to rent a nice cabin and RV camping together. Your friends that don’t have an RV can come with you and sleep separately in their own rented outfit right next to you or in our very nice cabin. The RV spots are separated from the cabin so there is no interaction between the Cabin guests and the RV spot guests unless of course it is desired. Many guests claim this is the best RV Park in Marysvale Utah.


This retreat is very private and limited to a  cabin (vacation home size) and three  RV lots on the entire retreat property (7.5 acres).  There is plenty of additional vehicle or utility trailer parking for all Retreat customers. There is cell phone reception for most brands and wireless internet available from all of the RV spots. If your laptop cannot pick up the internet from within your RV or if you need more internet speed for large transfers of information then you can bring your laptop to the shaded picnic table near our office where there is always excellent reception and a power outlet.  During summer 2024, we are scheduled to install a new wifi system that accommodates the RV spots.


 The retreat does not have outdoor public bathrooms, so only RVs with self-contained bathrooms are allowed. (Each lot has its own sewer connection of course). 



There is also plenty of shade at the playground or by the stream about 200 feet away.   All pets must be kept on a leash or in your RV at all times.  We also recommend that you let down the awning when you leave the RV in case a wind gust comes which is common in Utah. The RV spots sit at the foot of the High Tushar Range  and have the best view of the range of any RV Park in the area. Check-in time is 12:00 AM and check-out is 11:00 AM.


Questions you might want to ask to help decide which RV Park to rent :

· How are the mosquitoes in the summer near the pastures and Sevier River ?

· How hard is it to park big rigs ? Ask if you can leave utility trailers attached to pull in and out ?

· Ask if there is a private  fire-pit and picnic table for each RV ?

· Ask what wild animals are common around the park to see?

· Ask if there is a safe year-round creek, forest, and meadow on the property?

· Ask if there are interesting and safe play areas for the children with foosball, tetherball, sandbox, swings, slide and horsehoes?

· Ask how many RVs are crowded together in the park?

· Ask how far the RV spots are from noisy highway 89 ?

· Ask how the view of the high Tushars is from the RV spots ?

· Ask if the park has natural sage brush, pines, etc ?



RV space #2 near Bullion Creekside Retreat

Bullion Creekside Retreat has

an exclusive RV Park in beautiful Bullion Canyon close to the creek.

Kids Play Area has tetherball, sandbox, swings, and slide with shade trees for adults

Guest at Casto Canyon ATV TrailPlay groundCreek by Bullion Creekside RetreatBryan and Ana Burrell have a broad knowledge of little known place of UtahDirections to fun activities

An adventure always awaits

There are many national parks nearby

Sunflower near Bullion Creekside Retreat

Sunflower near one of the RV spaces

To contact us to rent a scenic family cabin or RV Lot near the Paiute Trail and Marysvale Utah:


Bullion Creekside Retreat, LLC.

 PO Box 314, 3305  Bullion Canyon Rd., Marysvale, UT 84750


Availability or Reservations: 435-896-7922


If no answer call Ana’s cell:

801 254 1740


or E-mail: blburrell @

 (please include your telephone number)



Go to Cabin Rate and Reservation Page


Text Box: Member Marysvale Chamber of Commerce
Fawns on the playground at Bullion Creekside Retreat near Marysvale Utah

You can relax  in a beautiful natural setting away from  large RV park  crowds with a full-service hookup

 The beautiful mountain creek that runs through the retreat is calling you

Text Box:  The beautiful mountain creek that runs through the retreat is calling you

   Note from guest Stephanie Caine and party from Texas:

First of all we want to thank you for your hospitality. Your place is beautiful and both of you are wonderful people. We came to Utah for the first time this year and will definitely be back—to stay with you. Excellent accommodations and wonderful recommendations for trail riding. We ride every year in Colorado and we were all challenged this trip on the Paiute Trail. We all smile the whole way. I am an internet junkie and will give you an awesome review on Trip Advisor. Great meeting you both ! Keep up the good work ! Your place is awesome ! Thank you again from San Angelo, Texas.

more reviews

RV spot #2 near Marysvale Utah

RV Spaces allow rigs of any length to pull in and out without disconnecting utility trailers with plenty of room for additional vehicles or atv trailers.

The Retreat has 8 acres of fun for you


· The Playground features a toddler apparatus with sandbox as well as swings and slide for children. There is a tether-ball and horshoe game for older kids. There is a comfortable hammock secluded by the gurgling creek.

· The retreat has a small spring pond and about 700 feet of Pine Creek  which flows through the property with grassy meadows and woods surrounding it. There are little waterfalls, private shady meadows, trails and sand bars for your enjoyment.  Wild turkeys, mule deer, squirrels, chipmunks, hummingbirds, cutthroat trout and plenty of native birds abound on the property. 

· We recommend you bring a hummingbird feeder as the little hummers put on quite a show. There is also a variety of native songbirds that enjoy bird seed feeders.

· There is a wireless internet available near the retreat office. The RV spots are usually out of range.  You can sit on the table in the shade by the office and access the wireless internet with your laptop or you can use the office computer to check your email or do light browsing.

· There is no cable TV anywhere in the Marysvale area. Most RV TV antennas will pickup local TV stations from the park with your antenna booster switch on.

· There is a clear southern view for satellite dishes.


Rental ATV’s are available to explore the best ATV trail system there is in the world. You can ride right of the  retreat directly to the trail complex on your atv or utv.

Pine Creek in Bullion Canyon by Bullion Creekside Retreat

You can relax by the beautiful creek that flows just steps away from the cabin

Our GPS coordinates are:  38° 25.920'N ,112° 16.071'W

    Property and business managed by

 Bullion Creekside Retreat, LLC.

Copyright, All right reserved, 2006 –2025

Bryan and Ana Maria Burrell, owners

Fawns on retreat playground

Fawns on the playground at Bullion Creekside Retreat near Marysvale Utah

Ana playing horseshoes with guests—they were having so much fun that they played until after dark.


RV Park


Mule Deer near Bullion Creekside Retreat

Just relax and enjoy the views

Don’t pay a little less for a lot less quality

Pine Creek in Bullion Canyon by Bullion Creekside RetreatRV space #1 near Bullion Creekside Retreat on the Paiute Trail

RV Rates


Utah Tax not included in prices below

Per Day


(First 2 people)

Per Day for Additional Adult

Per Day for Additional   Child

 (under 18)


Additional tenters

 in your group, tenters must pitch their tent on the cabin deck or on the RV lot.

Additional passenger Vehicles parking available

Retreat Amenities including play areas, creek area,  fire pit,  outdoor picnic area, corral, barbeque grill and outdoor dining area under Headquarters Office Porch.


Two long pull-through Full Hookup  RV Lots



designed  for  your RV friends to come with you


includes water, sewer, 20 amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp service.  Any size rig will fit in these.




(the last day is free for 7 days or more so approx. 27.40 per day)





Charged as additional people for RV lot

No charge

All retreat amenities available


2 adults 2 children  = 46.00  per night



One ‘back-into’ Full Hookup  RV Lot

designed  for  a trailer less than 27 ft. or a motorhome less than 40 ft. accommodate 20 or 30 amp.



(the last day is free for 7 days or more so approx. 25.71 per day)



Charged as additional people for RV lot

No Charge

All retreat amenities available

2 adults 2 children = 44.00 per night